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Minifacer groep

Our minifacer flange-facing tools are quick to mount and efficient to use.
In all branches of the industry where flanges connections are used, Its a well known problem of flange faces being corroded or damaged.
For this we have developed 3 manual operated flange facing tools that can be used without power supply and in hard to reach places.
The tools are shown in the image above:

    • Minifacer LMC (standard) : mounted with clamping gibs
        • clamping range of 25 mm upto 252 mm internal diameter
        • machining range from 30 mm upto 350 mm diameter
    • Minifacer Small Bore: mounted with small diameter clamping collets
        • clamping range of 13.5 mm upto 30.5 mm internal diameter
        • machining range from 13.5 mm upto 350 mm diameter
    • Minifacer EVO: mounted with clamping gibs or a base. (with 2 feeding gears)
      • clamping range of 50 mm upto 466 mm internal diameter
      • machining range from 50 mm upto 560 mm diameter


Modular Milling Machine

BLG mobile belt grinder





Mobile milling machine with modular mounting platforms for simple and complicated setup possibilities.
This is our own go-to mobile milling solution because of easy use and adaptability for pretty much every possible setup.
With automatic traveling system and the ability to machine on a X, Y and Z axle.
On top of, under, next to or between the surface that needs milling. Everything is an option.
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The mobile belt grinder is developed to grind any ring or rollĀ  to the original smooth- and roundness.
With the spring loaded slide (mounted under the machine) you can grind any damaged, corroded or concentric guiding rings and rolls back to their original roundness.
The Y-axle slide is electronically controlled and completely adaptable to your specific situation and use.
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