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Bolting tools and parts

  • Everything you need to tighten bolts to the exact torque
    • Tensioners, Hydraulic wrenches , Manual wrenches
    • All size sockets
  • Specific accesories and extensions
  • Boltsplitters
  • Impact wrenches of all sizes
  • Hydraulic pumps (electric and pneumatic)
  • Bolts, Threaded rods, Nuts

Everything in stock and immidiately available.
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Hydraulic equipment REHOBOT

  • manual, pneumatic and electric pumps
  • jacks and pistons
  • high pressure links and hoses
  • pressure gauges
  • seals and gaskets
  • ….

Calibrated and tested.
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GPX markers

  • For writing on pretty much every material or surface.
  • Does not dry.
  • Wide variety in colors.
  • Quality design and result!

In stock and immediately available in big or small quantities.
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Protection covers for bolts and nuts

  • Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, …
  • Extended lifespan of bolt and nut.
  • Available in big and small batches.
  • Wide variety of sizes (metric and imperial standards)

Beneficial for pretty much every application.
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