Since 1996, LenMatec has been supplying very comprehensive on-site services (in situ) as part of the specialties that our company stands for. In house engineering and study as well as turning and milling work in our own workshops. Our offer of “in-situ” services consists of:

  Bolting services / repair services

All sorts of “bolting” services, but also bolt-specific calculations and procedures, custom-developed tools, etc. in function of specific customer needs or even special “fit to purpose” techniques such as pre-tensioning nuts are part of LenMatec’s services.

  Machining operations on location

Often, with repair and maintenance work or new constructions in various branches of industry, there is a need for machining on site.

  The applications are for example:

  • To enlarge the internal diameter and fit bushings into a pivot point.
  • Grinding a ring around a mixing furnace
  • Face milling of an engine foundation
  • Milling of a sealing surface of a flange connection
  • Welding and turning the diameter to the original size of a damaged axle,
    For this, LenMatec has a very extensive machine park and practical expertise to be able to offer solutions for our clients.

‘Machining’ stands for machine operations on location.

Thanks to this technique many complex repairs are possible.

Sometimes machines are modified to be able to execute certain applications.

An example: the grinding of a running wheel on a concrete mixer: click here

Repair of heat exchangers:

Fixing mechanical cracks or fractures in the piping by inserting protective tube ends.
More reliable, extended usage, in a short period of time and on your location.
watch examples and pictures in our documentation of video below.

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Some of our projects:


Flange facing made easy

Many applications can only be executed if a specific machine is built for it.
For boring a weld at a depth of 4 m in a tube of 82 mm, for example, there is no ready-to-use machine.

To give a solution to these types of problematic cases, we have a well-trained team that can find a practical solution as a working group from design.

A good example of a machine built for a specific purpose is the LMC Mini-facer.